Rude questions to ask a native…

These are examples of questions that are presented in a rude manner…

It’s not that Natives don’t want to answer questions, to better educate those around them, but the presentation sometimes rubs the wrong way – ruffles feathers – or is just plain racist….


Rude ?’s to ask N8V’s:

How far back are you native?

Do you talk to the animal spirits?

Can you see my Animal spirit?

Do you live in a tipi?

Where do you get your food?The same way anyone else would. Stores and farms and maybe even home grown if you’re lucky.

Do you have/Make moccasins- make me some!

Do you speak Indian?

Don’t you recieve Casino $ for all? If a tribe is not federally recognized, then it is less likely for any member of a tribe to receive any type of outside  funding or aid.  This means that a tribe who is not recognized, probably won’t have any connections to a casino or  its money.

College is paid for right?

Give me a native name A native name can only be given to a person by a council or elders of a tribe. In some tribes you are given multiple names as you grow older by your family and your tribe. If you take the time to be a part of a tribe, immerse yourself in a tribe or pull the same weight as other members, you might be given a name that suits you. There is no promise that you will receive one…Just be proud of the name you have.

Know a medicine man that can give me a ceremony?

Can I touch your hair? Before asking a native if you can touch their hair, think to yourself “How would I feel if someone asked me that?’’ Strange I bet?

Where did you get your costume? Please try not to call anything a native is wearing “costume’’ They prefer the term regalia.

If I take your picture will it capture your spirit?









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