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How to address a N8V

Well, let’s see here…

This has been a topic of much debate. ¬†Here is just two links of hundreds…



Personally, I don’t like the word – INDIAN – but that is because the stigmatism of the ‘common knowledge’ of Columbus mistaking us for people of India, though if one properly researches that information – one would find that even that ‘common knowledge’ is rumor…

Though- what is another word but an identifier…

How to identify us as a people, particularly the people who have been of the land before contact…?

I will say this – personally, I like native, indigenous, original people of the territory….. respectful words like that. ¬†Because if you try and reference a native in a conversation as – “..that person is INDIAN..”, the individual(s) being spoken to need clarification…. American Indian or Indian of India….

Yet, here is the personal view of another Native who say’s YES calle me an INDIAN



The most respectful thin you can do, when addressing a N8V, is ask.

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